The gold standard peel, which will smooth skin texture, erase fine lines and more stubborn skin problems than other peels. TCA is the main ingredient on nearly all "peeling" peels and with a course of 4-6, will achieve fantastic results.


What is TCA & Jessners' Peel?

TCA stands for trichloroacetic acid and is a common agent used for chemical peeling, one type of facial resurfacing. It comes in varying concentrations, allowing for varying depths of peeling (depending on the concentration). Because peeling increases cell turnover, skin texture becomes smoother, more elastic and more even in tone and texture. Jessners' peel has generally three ingredients, Salicylic Acid, Lactic & Resorcinol but applied in layers can give very similar results to TCA. This pages' advice is applicable to both these peels.


Both Peels are known to improve the following conditions:

*Acne *Sun Damaged Skin *Blackheads & Enlarged Pores *Blotchy pigmentation, hyperpigmentation (chloasma) *Fine Wrinkles *Stretch Marks *Dry Skin *Keratosis Pilaris *Age Spots, freckles, benign skin lesions.


Remember TCA isn't just limited to your face, it can be used on your stomach or thighs to soften stretch marks, on your hands to be rid of any dry skin, on your feet, elbows and knees. Again any place dry skin can accumulate, anywhere you have problem skin except of course sensitive areas such as the genitals, mucous membranes or around the eyes.  the use of homecare Glycolic Acid products can speed up your results dramatically and make clinic treatments even more effective.


How are they good for spots, blackheads and enlarged pores?

The most common form of acne is caused as hair follicles get clogged by dead skin cells and sebum - the oil your skin naturally produces.  Bacteria multiply within the clogged pores and so spots and blackheads form.  By removing the dead skin cells you are also removing the grime and excess oil that is blocking up the pores and exposing fresh, new skin that can breathe.  Most people report that with regular treatments of TCA peels and other home care AHA's or Retinol, their once very oily skin changes to a combination skin type with significant improvement.


How do they reduce scars and wrinkles?

TCA can be applied in layers to achieve a more aggressive deeper peeling and therefore deeper skin problems. When new layers of skin grow they are following a pattern, or blueprint of the skin above them so if you have wrinkles in your skin that is a blueprint of the new skin following.  By removing the top layer of skin daily you are reducing that blueprint and so the wrinkles become less visible, slowly, over time.  No topical treatments can reverse deep scarring but TCA peels will help to make your skin smoother and the scars a little softer.  This treatment also stimulates the production of collagen which keeps your skin smooth and firm.  The skins new condition post TCA peel also allows other skincare products, i.e. retinol, to penetrate the deeper layers of skin and so the skin's own regeneration process can happen more effectively.


What happens during the appointment?

If you have downloaded and printed the consent form this will be checked over, otherwise you will need to complete a consent form at the clinic. Any further questions you may have can be answered during this time too. You may have before pictures taken of your skin.You will then have your face professionally prepared for the peel. Any semi permanent makeup, lips and eye sockets will be protected from the TCA Peel with an oil based gel. The TCA or Jessners' solution will be applied in layers and you will have a fan applied as the sensation is quite warm. Once the opitmum amount of layers have been applied the TCA or Jessners' will be neutralised.


Will my face peel and be sore?

Your skin may be pink, tight and shiny for 2-3 days post peel. Your skin may appear brown and start crinkling which indicates the peeling process is about to start. This is usually around day 3 post peel. Peeling can vary between clients and be slight or quite heavy depending how many layers of peel were applied  and the type of skin damage requiring improvement. You may feel itchy around the peeling areas and gentle tapping over the area will relieve the itch.  if you accidently pull skin off you may need a hydrocortisone cream to soothe the area, however just trimming the flaking skin with fine scissors is fine.


Is TCA or Jessners' suitable for Rosacea?

No, we don't recommend people with rosacea or lots of broken facial capillaries use TCA or Jessners' as it could irritate the condition.  We have different peels, Salycic Acid for rosacea. TCA can give much quicker visible results than courses of glycolic, for example, and if you can work around the peeling, downtime you will save time and money achieving your results with TCA.


Can anyone use TCA or Jessners'?

No if you are pregnant or breast feeding, under the age of 18, you are not suitable to have this treatment at Skin 1st.  If you have used Roaccutane within 12 months you should not use any skin peeling treatments either. Clients who have fitzpatrick 5 & 6 skin may be unsuitable to have TCA or Jessners' to avoid hyperpigmentation. Clients who have severe cold sore outbreaks may suffer an outbreak. Therefore if this happens anti viral medication can be prescribed to address this problem.  It is best not to have any facial waxing treatments within 72 hours of having a peel and until complete healing has occurred after a TCA peel. If you have an active skin infection, impetigo for example at the area to be treated you should wait till this clears prior to having your peel.


What should I do before a TCA or Jessners' Peel?

We sometimes advise preparing the skin using a weakened AHA for a week prior which will give even better results and if your makeup is removed prior to the appointment you will get better results. You should consider when booking your treatment that your skin may be red for a few days, skin will peel for 7-14 days afterwards so please consider this if you have any important social or work events during this phase.


What should I do after a TCA or Jessners' Peel?

You must adhere to strict sun avoidance and protection of the treated skin to avoid scarring and pigmentation. You should not sunbathe and wear at least a SPF 50+ and reapply daily. Adapting this regime to your skin in general will promote anti-ageing skin benefits. You should not pick at shedding skin as you may cause scarring, you can trim with small scissors. You may not be able to wear makeup during the peel process and shaving should be avoided too, to reduce the risk of injuring skin surface whilst peeling. You should avoid any heat treatments, saunas, facials, waxing or any skin irritant products (AHA, BHA, Retinol, Benzyl Peroxide, Salycic Acid) or procedures until peeling has stopped. You may wash your skin gently with a mild facial cleanser or use diluted baby shampoo as a skin wash.



Please note we would never recommend stopping any prescribed medication prior to a TCA Peel and if you have any doubt that your medication may interfere either consult your Doctor or contact us via our contact details on this site.